February 8, 2013

Letter Regarding USC El Centro Chicano Relocation

From Billy Vela (Director of El Centro Chicano)

February 15, 2013

El Centro Community Letter

From Denzil Suite (Associate VP of Student Affairs)

March 15, 2013

Response Letter RE Proposed Relocation of El Centro

Response to an alumni support letter that was sent to President Nikias.

From Michael L. Jackson (VP for Student Affairs)

March 26, 2013


Administration’s decision to move El Centro Chicano to the 4th floor of the Student Union (We disagree with the decision and we will work hard to convince the administration to change their decision.)

From Denzil Suite

If you receive any responses from administration, please keep El Centro Ambassadors updated through email. Also, remember to CC elcentroambassadors@gmail.com on all letters sent to administration.