There are many different ways you can help out:

1. Spread the word through Facebook, email, media,  etc. We have materials that you can share.

2. Attend our meetings  on Mondays at El Centro Chicano.

3. Write a letter of support!
(Print it – Personalize it – or write your own!)

Letters should be sent and directed to President Nikias ( Please CC : Provost Elizabeth Garrett  (, Denzil Suite (, William Vela  (, & El Centro Ambassadors (

If you prefer to fax the letter, fax letters to:

President Nikias (213) 821 1342
Provost Elizabeth Garrett (213) 740-7606
Denzil Suite (213) 740 5229

4. Sign the PETITION and write why this is significant to you.

5. Call the administration to voice your concerns.

Calling Script

6.. Join us at the rally.


Below are templates that you can use as examples to draft your own letter.

Alumni Letter Template

Faculty Letter Template

SCALE Letter of Support (Student Org Example)

Parent Letter Template

Student Letter Template

Here are a few talking points:

Talking Points
The Reality of The Matter is…




For more information and  for any questions, please contact El Centro Ambassadors at

Check out our Facebook!

If you want to get more involved in the planning,  join our email list If you just want to stay updated and help, follow our wordpress.