USC is planning  to relocate El Centro Chicano from the United University Church in the summer!  The  location that USC is considering to move El Centro to is at the fourth floor of the Student Union.  The new location  will be half  of  El Centro’s current size.

First it was brought to our attention that the relocation was due to financial considerations. Then we were informed that it’s not a financial issue but it’s the administration’s want for El Centro to be closer to increase the synergy between other cultural centers and groups.

El Centro Chicano’s home has been the United University Church for 33 years.  If El Centro is moved, not only will we be losing a space but we’ll be losing the resources  and services that come with it and an atmosphere that creates a family and  a community. The reduction in space will affect the programs and services that focus on the recruitment and retention of our community at USC.

El Centro is more than a space. El Centro through its programs, staff, and services has provided us with support. It’s a place where the Latino community feels welcomed, where the Latino community can grow and reach its full potential. There’s no other place at USC that fosters the unity and community like El Centro.

Let’s save our Trojan family. Let’s keep Latinos moving forward. Let’s keep El Centro at the United University Church!

-El Centro Ambassadors